From Biology to Biomedicine and Beyond


You will find below a series of articles aimed at promoting specific topics in direct relation with the lab’s research areas.
Some of them intend to deconstruct a scientific concept or commonly used term, and to analyse it through the legal lens in order to grasp specific issues that may not be perceptible from the outset.     


The 'Quantified Self' as a Digital Projection of the Individual 

Autologous Medical Applications 

The Internet of Bodies

'Patient-centred Healthcare Models' Through the Lens of EU Law

Bodily Data as Personal Data

Bodily Data, Lively Data

Teens and the lifestyle data they generate online

The Notion of 'Genetic Data' in European Laws

When it Came to Defining the Human Embryo in Law

Living Cells as Information

The Reference to 'Unpaid Donation' in European Union Law

The French Bioethics Laws