The law lab serves knowledge dissemination and sharing purposes. It aims more precisely to identify the new topics or newly emerging issues about which legal thinking can be developed for academic research purposes, to analyse them in their various facets and, where appropriate, to shed light on those legal issues that would require specific attention. 
The law lab offers life scientists, tech developers and any other specialists the opportunity to highlight the legal or regulatory issues they may encounter in the course of their research activities through scientific publications. 

Other Objectives


• To open an online space concerning developers of technologies associated with medicine, developers of derived products or services, and their users. 
• To examine the articulation between European legislation and national laws in light of the evolution(s) of medical science or medical practice.
• To anticipate and to stimulate discussions on the legal issues that may emerge as a result of technological evolution(s) in the life sciences sector and its digital transformation. 
• To monitor the advances of life sciences and associated technologies in their multiple facets, their uses in medical contexts and the rules applying to them. 


• To promote, rather than a static view of currently applicable legislation, a dynamic approach to the legal issues surrounding life sciences and associated technologies. 
• To promote legal research concerning life sciences, associated technologies and their applications in medicine, notably in cooperation with the European scientific community. 


Resolutely turned toward the future, the law lab develops a prospective view on the legal and regulatory issues that the applcations of life sciences and associated technologies are raising, or are likely to raise, in the medical field. 
More concretely, the law laboratory pursues the objectives that are listed and described below. 






From Biology to Biomedicine and Beyond