Of course, legal scholarship does not have the same legitimacy as legislation or case law to make the legal systems evolve. And, quite logically, economic operators first rely on the latter legal sources when considering the pursuit of their activities in light of law. But legal scholarship may be helpful to clear the path for new legal objects or legal issues deserving specific interest. This is especially true when – as is the case with life sciences – the object of study in itself is recent and sufficiently evolving to challenge legal thinking. 
Social sciences, law and humanities are increasingly needed to highlight the challenges that are associated with the advances made in life sciences and their various applications in medicine. Their contributions are now often necessary for making the most of interdisciplinary scientific programmes in this field. As far as activities directed towards ‘life’ and its processes are concerned, social sciences research is even vibrant, and highly diversified.

This is why this law lab proposes collaborating occasionally with researchers working in the fields of life sciences, data technologies and medicine. It offers the possibility to give legal support for ongoing projects, in particular in order to identify the regulatory issues that their activities are raising or likely to raise in future, and to delineate the legal contours of the diverse scientific objects they intend to construct. 

This law lab also proposes working with social scientists who are devoting time to study the life sciences or their associated technologies as applied in medicine and would wish to undertake their projects in a trans-disciplinary perspective.  




In full line with its study areas, it proposes cooperating occasionally with pan-European scientific teams that are mobilising their efforts in order to advance research in the fields of life sciences and associated technologies - such as data technologies. 
In particular, it accompanies scientific research projects aiming to develop new regenerative therapies or to contribute to the digital transformation in the health and care sector.  






From Biology to Biomedicine and Beyond