Whether as developers or as users, medical practitioners will be the first witnesses of the evolutions that life sciences or associated technologies are expected to generate in the coming years. And, they will be more frequently actors in the application of law for reasons other than those relating to medical tort. 
Health practitioners or institutions have for a long time had to comply with rules laid down in the European legislation only when performing specialised activities. In the digital age, however, many more individual situations are likely to trigger the applicability of rules having their source in supranational or international texts. Among the health community, many will thus discover a language they are often not yet accustomed to: the language of European law. 
Taking this evolving context into account, the law lab is working on issues which may concern health institutions having recourse to life sciences and associated technologies or contributing to their development, as well as any organisation pursuing reflection on their uses in medicine. 
If your institution or organisation is interested to know more about how the law lab can help highlight legal issues deserving specific attention within the community of health professionals, please do not hesitate to fill out the form you will find on the page 'Contact'.
In parallel to its research-oriented objectives, the law lab aims to convey the legal or regulatory issues that will arise from the advances made in life sciences and that deserve specific attention within the health community. 
To this end, it offers health institutions the opportunity to get informed about the law laboratory’s work and availabilities for organizing professional events in line with its research areas. 






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