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About the Author



This site has been created by SOPHIE BISSON, a French lawyer specializing in EU & Regulatory Law. Her activities cover matters relating to the life sciences field and forming the core of a relatively new area of legal practice: biolaw. 




This EU-based website innovates with a lab acting as an interface between legal research and law practice.
It offers scientists (life scientists, data scientists, social scientists, etc...) an original opportunity to articulate factual matters and legal discussion at an early stage, on an informal basis, and to develop stronger linkages with the legal community for the sake of transdisciplinary research. 
A law lab serving academic research purposes
The law laboratory conducts its work for knowledge dissemination and sharing purposes, with a forward-looking approach to the latest advances made at the interplay between life sciences, engineering techniques and data technologies. 
Its main intention is to fuel legal thinking and contribute to advance academic research concerning the elaboration of national, European and international legislation in the above-mentioned areas. 
In order to pursue its objectives, the laboratory cooperates with specialists, in particular university researchers, working at the cutting edge of medicine, life sciences and data technologies. 
It occasionally accompanies European scientific projects exploring new ways of making body substances or life processes valuable for medical purposes, notably for purposes of 'personalised medicine' or 'in-silico medicine'.


A law lab focusing on medicine, life sciences
& their digital transformation
The law laboratory proposes working today on technologies that will give substance to tomorrow's medicine, in particular what is named 'personalised medicine' or 'in-silico medicine'. 
It contributes to projects exploring new ways of making body substances or life processes valuable for medical purposes in a trans-disicplinary manner. And it offers scientists the opportunity to bring to the fore the regulatory or legal issues they may encounter in the course of their respective activities via scientific publications. 
A legal website proposing open-access articles
This legal website, in its current version, provides for open-access articles. This means that they are immediately free for everyone to read. 
It is noted that this website does not intend to create an open-acess journal. The articles above have not undergone any peer review porcedure as is often the case with articles in open-access journals. They have been published on an informal basis, and the views expressed in these articles are those of the author of this website only.